We have a full diary of events detailing special guest demonstrations and our regular competitions.

For 2018/19 the competition for the cover picture for the printed diary was won by Val Jones with her pastel painting of a gateway into a field.



02  No meeting.

9  Own work, plus the presentation of ‘The Peoples Choice’ and ‘The Members Choice’.

16  Guest artist – Chris Mc Loughlin, ‘impasto seascape in oils’. www.chrismcloughlin.co.uk

23  Practice.

30  A work along (t.b.a.).


06  Competition – any subject.

13   A new exhibition to be hung at H.Q. plus own work.

20   Guest artist – Liz Ackerley, Urban Sketching – colour first with mixed media. www.lizsscribbles.com

27   Life model – Robin Fanner.


06   A.G.Mwith Supper. 

13   Work Along with Roger Gillett 

20   Guest Artist – Anthony Barrow, ’an urban scene in acrylic’. 


27   Practice in style of last week’s Guest Artist or Own Work 


03   Theme Night  ‘style of David Hockney’ use own subject matter. 

10   Own work/Corner Class- Loz Lomax to source information  

about museums/art galleries, art trails, 

17   Guest Artist – Jan Gardener, ‘Riot of Colour-sketchbook to  

Artwork’ Mixed Media.  www.jangardner.com  

24   Practice in style of last week’s Guest Artist or Own Work 


01   Competition -‘Astley Hall ’ 

(publicity for Farmhouse Ex.28/06-28/07 2019) 

08   A work along with Judith Herring 

15  Guest artist – Judith Herring


22   Practice in style of last week’s Guest Artist or Own Work 

29   ‘Spring Still Life’- A Still Life of Spring flowers 


05  Competition, ‘Room with a view’ 

(publicity for Avant Garden Ex 25/07-28/08 2019) 

12   Own work/Corner Class relating to ‘The Harbour’ 

19   Guest Artist – Gosha Gibek –‘Sport in action- using gloss paint 

dripped from a craft knife   www.goshart.co.uk 

26  Practice in style of last week’s Guest Artist or Own Work 


03  Theme Night – ‘Sea Breeze’ 

10   Work along with Sue Barnes 

17   Guest Artist – Elise Hendry ‘Wildlife in pastel and Mixed Media  


24   Practice in style of last week’s Guest Artist or Own Work 

31  ’Summer Still Life’ – ‘ In  the Potting Shed’-  image on website 


07   Competition – ‘Down on the Farm’  

(publicity for Café Ambio Ex 2/09-25/11 2019) 

14   Own work, new exhibition at HQ, & presentation of Summer 

Choice’ award in memory of Bob Carr 

21   Guest Artist – Graham Berry ‘Figures in Sunlight – Water Colour’ 


28… Practice in style of last week’s Guest Artist or Own Work 


04…Competition  ‘Cartoon in style of Gerald Scarfe’-use own  

subject matter. Publicity for Brinscall Ex 6/10/2019)  

11   Work Along with Rosie Rimmer 

18  Guest artist – Jeremy Ford ‘Landscape in Gouache   


25  Practice in style of last week’s Guest Artist or Own Work 


02   Theme Night – ‘Autumnal sunsets 

09   Own work/Corner Class –Any subject, work in pencil/charcoal) 

16   Guest Artist – Michael Howley ‘Pure skyscape in pastel 


23  Practice in style of last week’s Guest Artist or Own Work 

30  ’Autumn Still Life’ –Bring Leaves, Seed heads, Apples, 

Conkers etc., to set up your own still life 


06…Competition – ‘About Town’  

(a publicity painting for Astley Ex 29/11-22/12 2019)  

13   Own work/Corner Class ‘use of masking fluid/texture/glitter 

20   Guest Artist   – Les Darlow ‘Nature in all its glory in Pastel’ 


27   Practice in style of last week’s Guest Artist or Own Work  


04   Theme Night  ‘Robins’ 

11   Christmas Party at Spinners Arms 

18   An informal evening with mince pies & quiz 

25   No meeting 



01   No meeting 

08   Own work and presentation of ‘41st Annual Astley Exhibition, 

People’s Choice’ and ‘Members Choice’ 

15   Guest Artist – Judith Herring ‘The Drama of the Sea’ using oils and acrylics.www.judithherring.wixsite.com/artists 

22    Practice in style of last week’s Guest Artist or Own Work 

29   ’Winter Still Life’ – A Winter Still Life will be set up 


05   Competition  – ‘Majestic Mountains’  

(publicity for Café Ambio 2/03 to 1/06 2020) 

12   A new exhibition to be hung at HQ  

plus own work/corner class on abstracts 

19  Guest artist -Gerry Halpin – ‘Impasto Acrylic of Local Landscape’ 


26   Practice in style of last week’s Guest Artist or Own Work 


04   AGM with supper 

18  Guest artist – Tony Barrow – ‘Portraits in Mixed Media’  www.anthonybarrow.co.uk

Exhibitions 2019

Cafe Ambio, Astley Park  4th March – 3rd June

The Farmhouse Gallery Astley Park  28th June – 28th July

Avant Garden Centre, Leyland 25th July – 28th August

One Day Sale Brinscall B.W.A.R.A. 6th October

Cafe Ambio, Astley Park  2nd September – 25th November

41st Annual Exhibition in Astley Park – 30th November – 22nd December.